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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The process of improving a website to increase both the quantity and the quality of traffic via the natural search results is known as search engine optimization. An optimized website not only attracts more quality visitors—it is also more likely to retain visitors and convert them to customers as the site will have been adjusted to address their needs and improve their user experience.

Internet users rely heavily on search engines like Google and Yahoo to direct them to what they are searching for online. They type in words describing what they want, and the search engine returns a list of relevant results on the Search Engine Results Pages, or SERPS. Thorough optimization involves an assessment of every aspect of your website including identifying everything that may prevent it from being indexed by the search engines or from gaining better positions in the SERPS.

When done correctly, SEO will not only attract more qualified visitors to your site, it will also ensure they have a better user experience once they get there. By applying search engine optimization to your website, you are ensuring that your Web pages are accessible to the search engines so they can be delivered appropriately to your target market.

One of the key elements of search engine optimization is keyword research. Keywords are the words potential customers might use when searching for a site like yours when they don't know the name of your company. Without thorough research it is impossible to know which keywords people are actually using
as opposed to the keywords we think they're using.

Why should YOUR site be optimized?

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