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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Important stuff about SEO

When you invest marketing dollars in an SEO company that fails to deliver, it's not only disappointing, it also casts a gloomy shadow on the SEO industry.

However, sometimes it turns out that the SEO company didn't actually fail to deliver at all. Rather, they failed to:

  • Educate their client about what SEO does and does not do.
  • Insist their client be more involved in the process.

In order to experience the benefits of having an optimized site, you need to know what to expect from SEO, and you must be willing to communicate with your SEO company.

The following articles will help manage your SEO expectations and explain some of the important matters that arise around SEO, like keyword research, and the pitfalls of fixating on your rankings.

Our greatest SEO achievements have resulted from having clients who keep us up to speed with business developments and are willing to implement our creative ideas. We'd love to do this for you too.

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