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10 reasons to tweet for business

Here are 10 great business reasons to use Twitter:

  1. Manage customer gripes before they spread: Intercept and deal with problems while the customer is still at the muttering-on-Twitter stage. It impresses the steam out of them when they realize their matter just got resolved without having to dial your 800 number. And good news travels fast.
  2. Technical support: As above...provide instant answers while clients are picking other people's brains on Twitter. They may as well be picking the right one.
  3. Reputation management: See what people are saying about you brand, intercept negative chatter, and make it all better.
  4. Identify yourself as an expert: Can you think of a better way of being recognized as an expert in your field other than getting out there and being one? And in the spirit of social networking, share some of that expertise for free.
  5. Hang out with your target audience: How else will you know what's on their minds? And instead of anticipating their needs, just ask them.
  6. Get more by giving more: Give away coupons, freebies, promo codes, and event invitations. Your loyal followers will share them with an even larger base of followers and then you'll get more followers and they'll share them...
  7. Support your cause: Does your company sponsor charities, or are you a non-profit? Ask your Twitter followers to to add their voice, or their dollars, to your cause.
  8. Get found on Google: Google includes tweets in its real-time search results. And in its regular results too.
  9. Keep an eye on your industry: Watch what your competitors are doing, receive breaking industry news as it happens, follow key influencers.
  10. Keep customers up-to-speed with product and store info: Announce upgrades, recalls, extended holiday hours, sale openings, etc.

We'll set up your Twitter account with a custom background and tutor you in the art of business tweeting. Or, if you're too busy...we'll tweet for you.

Ask us about Twitter for your business.